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qr25de and qr20de parts interchangeable parts

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i have a 04 specv and i wanna sawp my motor for a qr20de and i wanted know what qr25de parts i can use for the qr20de
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Outside of the rotating assembly they are both the same... but the issue is no one that I'm aware of has done a straight qr20 build. It of the box the 25 has it.

Do you have the qr20 ecu?
Also the guys from 2jracing said most of there 2.5l performance parts will most definitely fit the qr20, cams pistons Medusa headers etc...
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Qr25de. I run the qr20, and it's down on power. Maybe it's just my motor, but I've revved to 7k and there's no benefit. I've thought about doing some s1 cams, and springs, but I'm saving that project for a few years down the line.
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