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Racing pully

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Does anyone have the 2j racing pully? Got a couple of questions.
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We (2JR) are about an 2hrs N of you. Drop by and we can install your 2JR pulley no charge. And we can also install a set of cams and/or a header if you like.

We'll make your car much faster than a POS Honda
When you race Nissans, you support Nissans. Through and through. Sure there are better cars, better chassis. But we love our Nissan's. And our pride and determination keeps us going. To us, every other car make is a lesser class. That's my mindset.

Slap me if you want to. But I bleed Nissan blood
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Hey joe when can I come up there and I'm off this wed and Sunday. If y'all can do it that soon. But if u want just call or text me 478 952 3681 when y'all are able to do it please
Kyle, maybe we can do it tonight. I'll call you at lunchtime today and we'll work it out for you. I also received your email.

For your reference my cell is 770.851.7923
but thats like saying just because im white im going to say all other ethnicitys are trash....
That is the wrong generalization. :nono:
To have passion in your work you must support the company you work for, without bias. In doing so, you are biased towards other competing companies. This is not uncommon.
Thanks Robert - we do this for pretty much everyone. Great to meet other spec owners too.

BTW, the pulley is one sale on our site, with free shipping. You cant beat it
Installing a pulley has almost no ill-side effects. Its an easy install and will probably improve MPG since its less drag on the motor.

Thanks for the kind words
Its a 19mm bolt, you and dont need a puller, just wiggle it off
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