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Remote Start

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any recommendations on an remote starter for a 2015 Sentra SV? Thanks!
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Go to a professional. Modern nissans do NOT like generic remote start systems, so you will be needing a very specific style of remote start, that will be far above the installation abilities of most back-yard mechanics.
HEY MAN. I installed a remote start on my 2015 sentra sv. The manufacturer is Lessco Electronics. Here is the link to where I purchased mine. 100 percent satisfied with quality and quickness of shipping. 'However FRI is correct. The integration into the bcm on the b17 can get a little tricky for the backyard mechanic. If you are comfortable with it, it is very straight forward and very detailed with pics and explanations. It works even comes with an decoder for the NATS via usb and a laptop.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts