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Hello all!
I'm writing this post to help anyone who is planning on replacing there rear axle assembly.
I bought a 04 spec v two years ago and immediately fell in love.
Recently under the car I realized my rear trailing arms are rotting bad.
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So I began my search for a whole rear axle assembly. Finding one in good shape is the hardest part of this job. Took me about 50 phone calls to find one in a salvage yard for $170.
Before you begin be sure you have
32mm socket (rear axle nut)
4 Jack stands
Butane torch
1/2 impact gun
Metric sockets and wrench.

Safely lift the car, I was lucky to have a Buddy with a lift but it's not necessary.
Remove rear wheels
Now soak all nuts and bolts in pb blaster
Disengage parking brake
Disassemble brake caliper and tie it far out of your way without straining brake hose.
Remove clips holding brake cable and unbolt brackets holding the parking brake cable (2 on each trailing arm 10mm).
Soak everything again with pb blaster
Now is the point of no return.
Follow the trailing arm towards the front of vehicle untill you find the bracket connecting the arm to the body of the car.(it has 4) 17mm bolts
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Loosen all 4 on each trailing arm but don't remove yet.
Now you are going to have to support the axle using the Jack stands. Set them up in a way you can work comfortable under the car. I used two on the axle itself and one on each trailing arm just to be safe.
Now remove the 17mm bolts holding your strut/shock to the axle. Do so on each side.These are extremely tight I ended up using the torch to heat it up than the impact gun made quick work of them.
Wiggle your shock free from the axle.
Towards the center of the axle you will see a diamond shaped suspension component we will call it the lateral link.
There is one bolt on top of it I believe it 22mm. It has a capped nut on the backside also. Remove this than focus on the passenger side. There is another capped nut (17mm).

At this point be sure the axle is supported well.
Go back to the trailing arm brackets you loosened earlier. Remove all 4 bolts on each side. You may need to take a pry bar to separate it from the frame of the car. Drop both trailing arms onto the Jack stands.
Now go back to that lateral link in the center of axle. The bigger bolt you removed, it has an arm that the bolt passed through. Pry down on that arm and wiggle the axle free.

At this point I took the axle out into the open and removed the components I was going to reuse (hub, brake dust shields, lateral link) and installed them on the new axle.

It's a good idea to do a rust treatment on the undercarriage of the car while the axle is out.
Remove the trailing arm brackets and reinstall them on your car. Now you are set up for the install. Just place the axle back on jackstands bolt your trailing arms on first than I bolted the lateral link and shock absorbers last.

Also a good idea to look up torque specs but use your discretion you do not want to overtighten and snap a bolt.
Good luck and cheers!
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