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I figured someone who is into this could tell me the history behind it, where/how it originated, the purpose of doing this and how to achieve the look, for starters.
as i understand it
there are many stories of origen

i like this one

in europe laws were passed outlawing tires reaching outside the fenders

there was a tremendous rebellion against those laws
with people running the huge rims and skinny tires to get the tire inside the fenders
increasing camber aided them in their attempts

thus the revolution
and the thought

we the people
we will choose

was renewed

19,790 Posts
catching up
went full track crazy for most of the summer
the rains woke me up

had to refinish/reconstruct the road to get my baby home
DSCN0623 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

thinking i could use r-comps instead
i substituted RA1s from toyo

while they matched sizes
DSCN0646 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
they didn't match perferformance

"how are you going back to the farm,
after you have seen Paris."
20170811_150820 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
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