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hi im new to this forum i,from mexico ...just bought a sentra 04 yesterday..... i noticed that when i removed the oil fill cap there was some pressured air coming out...so i cleaned the pcv valve then i put it back in place and works like it should be...then with the car running at iddle i unplugged the hose on the right that goes fron head to air duct like i show in the picture below and notice that at iddle air was coming out of it...so i turned the car offf.. with that hose removed from air duct i i blew in air but it felt like totally clogged...is that outlet in the head a check valve ..one way valve (outside) ???
1.- when at iddle doesnt tair shout bbe entering that right side outlet port like in the diagram below in the second image , shouldnt it be vacuum in that hose at iddle? ..... hope i makde myself understood thx guys

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