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My new toy, since January, Fairly new to the Nissan game, last one I owned was an 81 Datsun pickup. Enjoying my new ride!

6/17/2001 Now:

Mods so far:
Painted Stock Wheels
Redline shift boot
Nismo floor mats
25% window tint
VHT tail light blackout
Eibach rear sway bar
2J BC Coilovers
2J Anti Lift Kit
XS-Power header/downpipe/cat "test" pipe
Local Speed Shop resonator to get rid of the pissed off bumble bee sound
Stereo, of course, speakers are prolly next on my list

To be done:
2J Panhard bar
Balance shaft removal
maybe, possibly, might get a turbo in the future, undecided about that right now, this is a daily driver that I need max reliability from

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Yayyyyyyyy another SC man. So what part are u from and how did u go about getting this site. Im located in Conway wheres there a lot of tuners around here. Buttttttttttt The cops LOVES to target them .:laughing:

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Anderson here, found this site as it is one of the few still active out there, for the Specs anyway. I don't much race anymore other than to show the occasional Honda there are better cars out there. No really significant mods to the car, cosmetic mostly. Axxtion shifter, Nismo shift ball, (titanium, cold in the mornings!) Of course the tint, redline shift boot and mach 1 lip. Gonna paint my rims next, previous owner couldn't judge curbs. Other than that, it's pretty much stock other than the gutted oem headers

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Hey man looks good thoug. Just keep up the good work and keep us all posted on what's ur next mod. Plus on here and midatlanticsentras.com u will learn a whole lot of info that will greatly help u modding.

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I guess I need to update this, lots of parts put on in the last year and a half....

I don’t track my car, work and life gets in the way most of the time, but on those occasions I find a nice, curvy mountain road I do really enjoy hitting the corners pretty hard, and freeway onramps are some of my favorite things. I have had the car for about a year and a half now, and it’s almost as fun to drive as some of my old muscle cars.

I know most members here put what they have done to their cars in their showoffs, so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and do the same.
2005 black Spec V

Current mods:
XS Power 4-1 3 piece header system. Wish some of the better headers were available still, but I had to get rid of the precat.
Magnaflow catback (I think, it was on the car when I bought it, and it has a Magnaflow muffler on it).
Butterflies locktited.
Black painted stock rims.
Titanium Nismo shift knob (hotter than a high dollar whore after setting in the South Carolina sun for a day).
Throttle body bypass.
No short shifter.
2J Turcite shifter bushings.
2J rear sway bar (full stiff, for those that wonder about such things).
Eibach front sway bar.
2J control arms with Superpro bushings.
Home made SRI/CAI depending on my mood and the weather that week.
BC 6K coilovers, recommended by Sensei Joe, usually set ten clicks from full stiff unless I am driving my lady somewhere, then its full stiff for the booby bounce factor.
2J 10mm ALK.
Prothane front and rear motor mounts. More vibration than I thought, I need to get my idle bumped up a bit.
Robs wheel hop aid.
Shaved bucktooth.
Shaved emblems (all but the 'spec v', I left them alone).
Tinted windows.
BS chain cut.
2J crank pulley.
And, due to a tire carcass on the interstate, a new front bumper cover and foglights still waiting for paint... it took my Mach 1 lip with it when I hit the damn thing at 65mph at 5am... see what happens when you actually slow down to the speed limit?

Yet to be done:
2J offset trailing arm bushings.(done)
QT link.(done)
2J bump steer kit when it comes in.(done)
2J xmember bushings (done)
Then I am out of parts for now.....

Parts I have laying around collecting spiders and dust:
Worn MMI's.
Warped tanabe underbrace.
2J aluminum shifter bushings.
2J brass shifter bushings.
Eibach rear sway bar.
Stock Spec front sway bar.
Stock Spec front and rear struts with approx 60K miles.
Stock Spec springs.
Sprint lowering springs.... Bought used, hated them. Replaced with BC’s. These were so bad I can’t in good faith bring myself to actually sell them to anyone...
Nismo gen 2 short shifter, soon to be reinstalled when I get my lazy ass motivated to do some machine work on the Turcite shift bushings.
Axtion gen 2 short shifter, may install it instead of the nismo, I need to modify it to have a bolt like the nismo does on the transmission linkage mount.
Passenger fog lamp with broken bumper cover bracket.

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View attachment 65943

Haven't looked at this page in a couple years, but the list has expanded (thinking about just putting a link to a page with my signature info in it, seems like my signature is getting too big)... does it ever end?

Now I'm thinking about sourcing a rebuild-able block, and building a Hi Compression cammed engine for it... or build a low compression turbo build... Now that its paid off, and I don't have that car payment every month, hard telling what I'll end up doing!

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Nice clean look.

Car modding never ends. That is one of the appeals about it.

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Fresh from 2J!

Drove it home yesterday evening, through rush hour Atlanta traffic, couldn't open it up all the way home to Anderson, too much traffic. Took it out today for a few hours on back roads and interstate, Still in the lower boost map, but damn this thing pulls!!! Great fun and the drivability is awesome as well. The 6 piston Wilwoods and 2J big rear brake kit work fantastic, and look awesome! Have to put some more miles on it to get used to the clutch and always running at a higher RPM than I used to. Engine has 10-1 forged pistons, H beam rods, knife edged crank, 1000 CC injectors. Turbo kit consists of 2J's 50 trim turbo, with 2.5" side exit exhaust. Joe tuned me on 3 maps at 250/250, 300/300 and 360/360 (HP/TQ pretty much from 3000 RPM to 7000. Told me that if I wanted to go higher, I have more top end left! Brakes consist of 12.2 6 piston Wilwoods up front, and 12.2 2J rear big brakes. Extra goodies are Tanabe Boost, AFR, and Oil Pressure gauges, Go Fast Bits electronic boost controller, Mishimoto catch can. I am sure I am forgetting some stuff, but it was a full blown build, top to bottom. Enough of my droning, On to some pictures!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Gauge Measuring instrument
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Tire
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Wheel
Vehicle Engine Auto part Car Fuel line
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Engine
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part
Land vehicle Vehicle Engine Auto part Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Engine Auto part

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I am, done for the day though, burned thru 3/4 tank just beating around the neighborhood, Trying to not spin the tires in first and second! I really don't want to go thru a set of tires a week!!! I don't think my Potenza's are really up for this tho, I may have to look in to something else soon, something stickier.

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I am, done for the day though, burned thru 3/4 tank just beating around the neighborhood, Trying to not spin the tires in first and second! I really don't want to go thru a set of tires a week!!! I don't think my Potenza's are really up for this tho, I may have to look in to something else soon, something stickier.
i can't but laugh, not at you but with you

yeah i go thru two sets a year
the only ones i found to wear well and have good stickyness are the BFG rivals
wear like iron compared to my toyo and michelin r-comps

5000 miles on the r888
more than 1/2 gone

same mileage but like new on the rivals

the 16" r888s are long gone
but the rivals after a year of use
are on the self to be used as winter tires this coming season

i have had the 275s on for less than a month
and playing drag race has caused considerable wear

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Sweet man,
Your current boost/power map is what I plan to run soon.
Can you post any videos!?
you can tell
we are both having great fun

this is how it should have come from the factory

you can tell they really are hearing us here on this forum
and understand where the fun level starts

look at the weight and output of the propsed nismo sentra

approx 2900 lb 240 hp
thats this car

so even nisan understands this is the way to go

and mighty honda is offering what,
a new turbo si.
hmm, same weight, same power

must be something to this, eh?
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