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Had to get a replacement shifter base to replace my damaged and jerry-rigged temp fix base, was suprised to see a difference between the 03 and 04....but none the less, I went ahead and ordered another B&M knock off to drop in to reduce over all swap time.

I don't think anyone ever did side by side comparisons of the sticks off the base, and in reality its a PITA to get them "even" for the image to show their differences but here I am going to try...

Nothing special but there are some differences in the angels especially on the perch for the cable which would lead to cable snapping....if improperly shifting to begin with or mechanical issues....

I will not be using the arm that is on the new kit. Next post I will show what I have done to arm that is currently in the car and plans to further expound on other modding due to clearance of the console and the re-centering to off set the tranny mounted STS.

Will also test some other things out for my own curiosity....but I won't be fully installing it in just yet.

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Part II
Had someone machine part of the arm in a manner that I would recenter the stick, it resulted in quite a bit of materiel being removed.


I then turned my attention to the new bolt hole, ended up using a bit that was too larger and later had to heli-coil it. It is damn near on point as I did generic marking and measuring.


One of my gripes about the kit was the hardware and the amount of "space" it took up, this coincides with the arm itself too but that's another point for later. As I wasn't using the original bolt combination that came with the kit I decided to work with some ideas. was going to use normal allen cap screws but went with a dome head.


I bored down into the arm at both pivot points till I could get a "flush" fitment with the top of the bolt and the surface of the arm.


For reference, here is what the holes look like. I used a drill and drill bit to make them so they are not pretty.


All A proof of concept that works but there are some other ideas that I am going to try but I have to find a place to do the machining I want done. Next post I'll cover some ideas I have for the next iteration.
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