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Long time viewer first time pos...wait that's not it. Okay so it's been a hot minute since I've been here so let me recap:

06 Spec V, Volcanic
DC sports 4-2-1 headers, Stromung 2.25" exhaust, Tien SS coilovers, AEM SRI, Hawk Brakes, handwoven mesh grill (hate teeth, hate billets)
Moved from TN to BC with it. Stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of blue grey and white too. Lots of vandalism. Left car with trusted friend.
First engine shat the bed (cracked cylinder) at 123,000 miles. They picked up a replacement engine out of a totalled Altima with 70,000 km (43,000 miles). That was 2016. It was a DD from 2009-2016 with periodic breaks as I was also able to take public transit once I moved. I'd say the usage of it really dropped off in 2013 and even moreso once I left as they didn't go many places with it ("police magnet!! why orange?!")

Counting when I moved it in 2016 I drove maybe 2,000 miles after the new engine went in. Noticed it was swallowing oil. Like 1500 miles and it was bone dry. Added oil, seems fine? Have some steam from exhaust, but does not smoke. Had a mechanic verify this and says I'm not leaking, burning oil, or any other doomsday scenarios. Says it needs driven more and a tune up and then just watch for problems but overall seems fine. Popped in a new battery but the ground wire is shot. Have a donor car but can't seem to get the ground wire out of it. It feels 'stuck'. So I'm guessing my order of attack is this:

-Clean the pine needles out of literally everywhere
-Replace ground wire and start running car (how often? drive how far?)
-Get a tune up

I already know it needs:
-New exhaust: It will absolutely 100% not pass inspection (TN did not have inspection) so I could use guidance there on how you can have a cool car and follow the rules here. I have a Stromung 2.25" with no cats on it that I got in a group buy years ago and absolutely love it. Leaning towards same exhaust but I guess keeping the cats? Is that all I need to do? My donor car has a 3" Nismo but I don't want to use that NA unless there's something I'm missing.

-Stock interior and sunroof motor installed. They've been pulled out of the other car, just kind of sitting aroudn right now.

-The SRS light to stop flashing. When I got the car, it had some shitty beige interior so I bought custom black and white leather interior from a dude on SpecVForum (anyone remember that?) and had it installed. However, the SRS light has been flashing ever since presumably due to the side airbags. As mentioned, I do have stock interior to install but am unsure if that will fix the issue. It will automatically fail inspection if not, so this is critical if I want it roadworthy.

I also have:
New brakes
New intake
New 04-06 headlights

Is there anything else off the bat I should consider replacing that maybe I'm not thinking of?
Long term I everything fixed up, an 02/03 front end, and a new clutch. Is there anything else I should want? I'm a simple person who just enjoys driving Sentras (my current DD is an SR Turbo). The tires look good but I guess I also have to think about age with them? I've never had a car sit before so I'm at a loss where to correctly begin. Thanks for the help!

-Car sitting 3 years
-Want to restore to former glory
-Very liberal use of glory
-First steps?

Thanks everyone in advance for help getting me back on the road to getting back on the road!

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So much win in this post.

Get a high flow cat and youll be good. I love the stromung (3" here) with cat. It'll have a deeper tone, but still good.

Red locktite the butterflies if you haven't done it yet, this was still an issue on altimas, I pulled an altima I had and it was missing a full valve! The oil is probably burning slightly, so you wont notice it. Needs new piston rings.

I've seen people use a fuse for the seat airbag stuff. Google it, they even sell the kit, straight forward to trick the sensor and stop the flashing light.

Love the Volcanic orange.

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