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joe set mine up
it's perfect

just order and ask him to set them up for you

if you ask before order, prob no return answer, he gets a 100 of those a day

as it's said money talks

my car has had from 156hp to 316hp
two different engines [but close to the same weight]

and on a non competitive level, has rallied [mild poker runs and still bent a wheel], run the mountains and been a real drag car

all with 8 kg springs rear and 7 kg springs front
this gives a comfy ride [for a trackable car]

lean is controlled by nismo sway bars front and rear with poly end-links

and the roll centers have been changed with a panhard bar in the rear and the RSK up front

car is also lowerd 2.25" and uses the bumpsteer kit

if your into curves more than straight-a-ways
keep the springs balanced

most street only users are in the 6kg-7kg range

the occasional racers at 8-9kg and hard core at 10kg

track time 10kg and above

control the lean with sway bars and poly bushings
use the lowest spring rates that prevent harsh bottoming on the roads you use

19,790 Posts
how do you do that

with coils it's easy to set everthing, including weight distribution

even side to side

this can be further assisted by wheel choice
drag set up [70% weight up front on scales static]
forward rake

DD Level 55/45

supreme mtn runner 50/50
[will spin quickly]
only runs in the dark lol

rally work 4x4 look

coilovers are very adaptive
i love them
they make the impossible, easy
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