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2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC V
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This is my 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Specv.
Mods List:
Qr20 piston
2jr rods
Stock crank
King bearings
JWT race c1 cams
JWT valve springs
Custom Balance shaft removal kit
Custom 1 7/8 header with 3 inch collector with hood exit tip
port and polished head
Custom Xcessive Intake manifold
NWP 75mm Throttle body
Custom 4inch maf housing
Custom cold air intake thru headlight 4inch tube
Battery relocated to right bumper
Ac removed
Power steering removed
Race Mini Alternator moved to where ac copressor was for big tube header
Rev auto tourqe dampner
Weapon r tourqe dampner
FIR solid motor mounts
Half size radiator and 12inch flex lite fan
Custom electric water pump with AN fittings and hose
Fuse box and relay box moved to bumper
1 gallon fuel cell in left front bumper.
8an line to fuel filter and walbro 255 in line pump
6an to fpr and to fuel rail
440cc injectors
Uprev tune

stock trans
2J stage 4 clutch
2J lightweight flywheel
2J Short shifter
2J Shifter bushings
BG syncroshift
Vision one racing shift selector springs

Suspension and wheels:
TDM IMPORTS custom coilovers with 8k front 12k rear
2jracing anit lift kit.
Hard race control arm bushings
Hard race rear subframe bushings
Kuo garage qt link
Weld drag lites 15x8 in front with M&H 23x8.5x15
15x3.5 in the rear with M&H 24x4x15
80mm 1/2 diameter arp wheel studs front and rear
1/4 wheel spacers in the front

fully gutted interior. kirky racing seat with 5 point race harness.
autometer pillar pod with water temp, oil pressure, volts.
raptor shift light
radio and stereo equipment removed.
custom pod with aem wideband, fuel pressure. switch panel for fan, fuel pump and headlights.
white face gauge cluster, made by import intelligance first person to have for 04
all ac and heat equipment removed.
pcm was moved to interior for easier access

Shaved rear door handles
Vis carbon fiber trunk
Vis carbon fiber hood
custom holes on rear bumper for air flow
black paint

who needs ice when your flying.

all unnessasary wiring has been removed carpet padding, and sound detting has been removed. rear windows and right front window have been bolted up so no window regulators. drivers window has been converted to manual instead of power. what every extra metal the car doesnt need has came off, no bumper supports in the front or rear, both carbon fiber trunk and hood, sunroof has been removed and lexan has been installed. all evap stuff has been removed. rear deck lid and door crash bars been removed. removed rear spare tire well and installed thin layer of sheet metal. probley some more stuff just cant think of it right now.

paint job
and go faster

Steven Lusby has shared 23 photos with you!

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Hey Steven, how far is Lusby from Silver Spring/Rockville?

I am there like 5 times a year, I'd love to see your car in action sometime.
thats where i live...

hes prob another hour or two south

i gotta get do this to my car lol

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steve i told yea man when iget it back ill be there for mir im down to strip it and all

and atomic it aint a show car lol

and yea dj with built turbo ran 12.4 so for steve to be that close is amazing

and vieres mill is about 5 minutes from my house, mom works off norbeck lmk when u come down

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2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC V
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the car does get trailered to the track it has full race wheels on it that are not street able. the trunk is gonna get removed and a carbonfiber trunk will be installed, if you go on my cardomain you will see the car use to be a show car it was bagged and body droped on 20s with all kinds of other stuff done to it also. i was in to the show circuit for a while then got back into racing, the whole car is gonna get painted this winter with a few other things also getting done to the car to make it faster. thansk to everybody.
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