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Still having problems with the SAFCII

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hey whats up guys, i posted alittle while back with some problems i was having with the SAFCII, well i got the thing fully wired and i got nothing, the piece doesnt even turn on, has anyone wired this into an 06 cause something with the wiring diagram just doesnt make sense to me, all the ports it told me to connect to on the how for the 04+ models have nothing, no wires running to them, just stupid yellow pulgs, its an 06 spec-v any help is greatly appreciated, thanks
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so you wired it up and it doesnt come on.. hmmm either u got the power and ground mixed up or the unit is broken.
so you wired it up and it doesnt come on.. hmmm either u got the power and ground mixed up or the unit is broken.
Well ive seen the unit in action and it works lol, my only other thought was on the how to it had to possible power wires to run off of, but if that doesnt work, then i have no idea
i mean if u dont get power than something is not right. so id start with that.
Yeah i mean i just wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem with an 06 before i open up the connecters again and screw with those tiny ass wires cause they are such a pain haha
just curious, but you how were you looking at the ECU harness when you attached the wires? From the back or front? Also, which wiring diagram did you use?
I used the wiring diagram off of the how to on this website, and i would find the pins on the front (where there were no wires)
Ah that might be your problem...unless the colors matched up? lol

You should be looking at the harness from the back where the wires go in.

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Also, make sure you did hooked up the Brown & Black wire correctly, it's your ground. The big caution sign "Be Sure to connect the brown wire to the ECU side"
yeah thanks so much for that, this will probably work, and no the colors werent matching up to save my life haha
this probably won't help...

but as you notice some of the pins are "xxx or xxx" numbers

but i wired mine to the first number, then ended up wiring to the second number, but this was on a 02...
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