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02 GXE, AT.
Stalls in gear mainly at low speeds or stops.
Runs fine otherwise

I have been chasing a stall/near stall tendency in my sentra that can be induced when the ambient temperature is pushing 80F, fuel level below 3/4s, steep inclines.

Stop sign, vehicle is in gear (d or r) the rpm needle sits at 585-625 RPM, suddenly it falls to almost zero, but then catches itself and pulls up back in to the 585-625 range. If I put it into park, idle increases, but the stall may manifest as well. Note that the frequency to stall in park is reduced.

My own attempts at repair has been focused on the MAF sensor and TB which I clean out religiously every 6 months. Never done the idle relearn since the FSM for the 02 GXE mentions 750-850 RPM with 4-14 degrees of timing in Park or neutral, which my sentra meets (825 RPM at 10 degrees of timing) so why bother. They dont spec an in gear idle (if anyone minds posting there idle rpms in gear I'd appreciate it).

In addition, tried E0 for a while, (dilute impurities) the frequency of stalls slightly reduced.
Ran HEET and Techron (before an oil change) at different points, and to be fair nothing improved.

The only temporary band aid fix was to artificially compensate for the low idle in gear by increased electrical load (turn on the ac or headlights)

What else should I be looking at?

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Just to confirm the 02 GXE AT idle relearn would be the following?

1.Turn ignition switch “ON” and wait at least 1 second.
2. Turn
ignition switch “OFF” and wait at least 10 seconds.
3. Start
engine and warm it up to normal operating temperature.
4. Check
that all items listed under the topic EC-56, "PRECONDITIONING" , are in good order.
5. Turn
ignition switch “OFF” and wait at least 10 seconds.
6. Start
the engine and let it idle for at least 30 seconds.
7. Disconnect
throttle position sensor harness connector (brown),
reconnect it within 5 seconds.
8. Wait
20 seconds.
9. Make
sure that idle speed is within specifications. If not, the
will be incomplete. In this case, find the cause of the problem by referring to the NOTE below.
10. Rev
up the engine two or three times. Make sure that idle speed
ignition timing are within specifications.
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