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suspension interchangeable for all B15's?

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Hi all,
I own a 2001 sentra gxe and am going to replace the front struts this week. I found the Monroe quick struts, but they only make them for 02-06, then I noticed the part number for the regular old struts changes in 02. I was wondering (as the title indicates) is the front suspension the same for 00-06? Or did something change in 02?
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Should be the same shit. The specv models had a stiffer setup but they are all interchangeable as far as I know.
Everything is the same suspension wise.

Same chassis
Awesome, I did the install of the Quick Struts today and they fit like a charm. The one and only thing I had to do to the assembly was turning the mounting plate so it would line up correctly :O no biggie. Such a quick and easy job! Still have no clue why they aren't listed for 00-01....
Thanks for the help everyone! :biggrin:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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