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Suspension/Shock noise.

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Hi guys! I have 04 sentra that has started to make a hiss/shh noise when going over bumps and generally uneven ground. I'm pretty positive its coming from the shocks because when I manually bounce the car(by hand) it makes the noise. Here is a video! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
2004 Nissan Sentra Suspension Noise - YouTube
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replace the offending shock. Boom done fixed /thread :D
Well, I did some googling earlier, and some threads said it was normal, but i've never heard cars that did it as consistently. And it makes the same noise on the other front shock too.
get some coilovers /thread

lol yeah now that I think of it they do make that noise normally. Hearing it from inside the car seems odd but you must be on stock springs. One way to check your shocks is to take your wheel off so you can get under it better and shine a flashlight all around looking for fluid. I guess if you got none your shocks would sound quite a bit different
No fluid, but i did see some gunk on the shock itself. When i jacked up the car, i could see some black tar like stuff on the physical metal part of the shock. I scraped most of it off, hoping it would fix the sound, but it still there. I'm just trying to avoid taking it to a mechanic to have him tell me there nothing wrong with it and then charge me 70 bucks for labor.
The sound is normal I'm just not sure why it's so loud. How many miles you got?
i mean, its not HORRIBLY loud, its just loud enough to be noticed, not to mention it seems loud as fuck when driving past a wall/car or something. I just hit 84k.
Did you ever find out what was causing the sound? I'm having something similar except mine makes more of a crunching sound when I go over bumps. I just replaced all four of my shocks and the sound seemed to disappear for a week or two...
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