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I took delivery of this spoiler about a week ago, wish I had taken pictures of the box @thechosenjuan had built for it to be shipped in. he custom made a spoiler shaped box covering massive amounts of bubble wrap to protect the spoiler. Here are a few pictures of it when I unpacked it.

Edit to add: Juan sent me a picture of the box when he shipped it, so I do have a picture

packed and ready.jpg

Took me a half hour to unwrap everything!!!


The spoiler looked very well made and solid, with metal thread inserts for the bolts to mount the spoiler, he even included bolts for it.

Spoiler test fitted and location marked for an additional hole that you have to drill into the trunk lid, this extra hole is directly between the other two holes in the center of the lid, one is for the brake light wires, the other is for the factory bolt for the stock spoiler mount.

I did have to oval out the hole where the brake light mounts, mine has two little nubs sticking out where the wires are fed through

Brake light mounted, I used a separate piece of wire to fish the connector thru the holes rather than try some other method, it worked fairly well, the stock spoiler has metal inserts for the brake light mount, Juans did not, so I used short sheet metal screws and drilled thru the mounting points. Take care not to drill all the way through the spoiler when you do this, go slow and light pressure on a sharp drill bit.
masked off for paint
I wont bore you with the sanding, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, clear coat, sanding, clear coat process, its the same as any other paint project! I final sanded with 5000 grit Trizact sandpaper, for a good smooth surface. I am not happy with my clear coat, and plan on redoing the upper surface after the paint has had a chance to cure.

Juan also supplied pre-cut foam pads to help seal off the trunk lid, this is one of the places I deviated from what he sent, I have a roll of 3M VHB foam tape that I used in its place, just for a little extra stick down force.

All in all, it is a very well made spoiler, and looks great on the car, but just for the sake of total disclosure, this is a hand made item, offered at a very reasonable price, there are flaws and defects in it in the form of bond lines where the sheets of fiber glass were joined, and some pin holes in some portions of the item I had, nothing that a bit of spot putty and sand paper will not take care of, but if perfection is your goal, it can be had with this spoiler and a bit of work on your part.

Several things to add to the install. the pedestals on this spoiler are slightly narrower than the stock unit, and the stock unit had left wear marks that I will eventually buff out to get rid of them.

Misc install pics will go in the next post, it seems as I have reached my limit for pictures in one post!

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Nice write up. Looks like hell have more business. Not that he dont have enough as is
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