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Who's in the LA area and has a cool and/or nicely tuned b15??????

The Smoking Tire youtube has started reviewing viewer's tuned cars willing to meet them in the canyons around LA. All you gotta do is contact them and cross your fingers you're one they pick. Gotta let then drive it of course, but you ride along and talk about the car. Its pretty cool. Gotta be LA area.

If you don't know what I'm talking about...go check youtube TheSmokingTire. Maybe I'll post a link in a bit. Pretty cool.

I'd LOVE to see a b15 on there. Even cooler a forum member's. Plus it would be interesting to hear their opinions on the car and comparisons to other cars.

@ash move this to "meets, events, coverage" please if that's where this should be. I couldn't decide where it belonged.
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