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Let me start off by saying that I realize my absence here hasn't helped with my image.. I'm not here to argue about that. I know that I've managed this poorly. However, I'm still going to update you guys and maybe silence a bit of the rumors that I've seen floating around (some are pretty far out there).

I know that some of you have an opinion about me that paints me as shady, and given the timeframe that I've taken to resolve everything, I won't argue with you. I will say that I have NOT turned tail and just took off with parts/money. I have never been about that. I have refunded $8,300.00 over the past 5 months in orders that I couldn't fill. Those were for outstanding headers, cat-backs, VQ swap mount kits, etc.. I do still have a few remaining harnesses to build, and those will get done.

Now, it's down to the few remaining large orders and builds, that I simply can't stroke a check and make go away. If I could.. believe me, I would. It's not a matter of having money for parts, or even the desire to build these vehicles.. it simply boils down to a lack of time. I grossly underestimated the workload at my new place of employment, and it leaves me with little time to get this stuff done. However, I have purchased a car hauler, and I have at least started to get this stuff done, starting with the completion of Jerry's car (about 75% done). Every other vehicle that I have here has parts in boxes, ready to build, and I'll start pecking away at them one at a time. The option to have vehicles/parts returned, with a refund for labor is ALWAYS on the table. While not optimal, it's an option that I can afford to offer.

I'm not on this site a lot.. My work schedule doesn't allow for that anymore. But, don't mistake that for me being completely out of the picture. In the end, I'd like to simply say that I'm very sorry that things didn't turn out better with this mess. I handled it very poorly, and that's all there is to it. I DO care about my customers, and I've enjoyed the 12 years that I've been able to work with you guys. I think I've done a lot of good things, but I never was the best at managing a business. If there's one thing that bothers me, I guess it's the misconception that I don't care about people and/or their builds/parts. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the end, I just got burnt out, and something had to give. For those who have stuck with me/my company through thick and thin, I greatly appreciate it. I wouldn't be where I'm at now without the years of support and knowledge gained throughout the entire process.

So, where does FI-R go from here.. Well, if one of my best friends has anything to do with it, the future looks pretty bright. I'll fill you guys in here.. as it deserves it's own thread.. http://www.b15u.com/forced-induction-racing-fi-r/33012-fi-r-under-new-ownership-management.html#post559902


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