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this works folk without the expense of full e85 injectors
or 15 buck a gal race fuel

produces the same times as using vp 101 DOT legal race fuel
without detonation or retarding timing

definite boost in tq and power

with and without e85, both open exhaust
yogi dyno by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

cheap race fuel, that really provides a boost in power

down side,
must be tuned for it

eats even fuel injection hose
recommend PTFE high pressure alcohol resistant fuel lines

in some places hard to get

inconsistent percentages make it hard to establish what the real percentage of ethanol you are buying

the % e85 you can use is decided by the size of your injectors
let your tuner decide
mine are 925cc with 16lb boost [5134 precision turbo]
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