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What are some good Struts?

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Hey fellas. Its time to change the front struts, they are shot. I just wanted to know what brand are considered really good for replacing the OEM, and where might be a good place to purchase them. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!
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I replaced mine with KYBs. Got all four for about $200 shipped. If you do go with KYB DO NOT order from Just Suspension. I had several problems with them when I ordered my set up. I would also recommend replacing the upper strut mounts when you replace the front struts. My thinking is, might as well do it while you have it apart.
Excellent idea to replace the upper strut mounts too, thanks man!
hey willms81 what was the problem with just suspension? i just ordered struts from them, then I saw your post.
KYB's should be just fine if you have a stock suspension setup. If you're lowered at all, it might be wise to consider something like Koni Yellows or an equivalent.
theres some kyb for sale just posted for 400 with tien spring awsome deal
I'm on eibach sport lines with kyb gr2s. love the drop subtle drop.
Kybs are your best choice.
how much of a drop did you get with the eibach springs
kyb if you suck. konis if you dont
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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