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Any others in Houston who would want to meet up? Ive got an all stock 06 Midnight Black SER SPECV with headers and thats it.

I have a question for anyone who may have had the same problem.

I have a light knock and i think its rod noise but it comes and goes and only can be heard at idle and is not loud at all but it is a noise.

I have extremely light valve chatter but they are fine its just not silent.

QR25DE is connected to the 6 speed manual transmission with LSD.

Its all black in and out

Ive got the Brembo brake package.

Let me know what you guys think :)

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Welcome pimp.

It is hard to diag engine noise without hearing it.
You might have to pin point where the noise is coming from to get better help.

One thing though.
Seeing that your car is the only STOCK B15 to need more than one header for the QR engine, I must tell you that you have one unique car.....lol
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